Ann Tai is Voice’s chef of the month, and she invites you to learn how to cook Malaysian and Chinese dishes in her home in Newport.

As you would’ve guessed, Ann has been fortunate enough to be taught by her mum in the traditional ways of Asian style cooking, with recipes being passed down from generation to generation.

“The fundamentals of cooking are easy,” says Ann.
“All you need is a passion to learn, then you can cook your favorite Chinese takeaway dishes at home.

“I think people tend to think cooking Chinese is complicated and will take longer time but in fact some dishes are so simple which only take 10 to 15 mins and a much healthier meal for your family. Cooking Chinese is not as scary as you think.

“With the convenience of local supermarket, you can get all the asian ingredients on your regular weekly shopping trip, what a bonus!
“I’ve been very fortunate to come from a family who values gathering everyone around the table for meal times.

“Just think about enjoying a traditional Sunday roast, with all those fresh vegetables and of course roast meat, but a made lot quicker where you can enjoy every day of the week!
“What’s great about cooking at home is, you get to share and talk about the different foods that are on offer, especially when it comes to cooking Asian style.

“If you can cook for yourself there are many benefits in learning, not only in eating healthier by choosing your own ingredients, but also feeling proud of what you have created for your loved-ones to enjoy. “My classes are simple, and I will teach you the exact same way my mother taught me, and how my grandmother taught her.

“As with individual tastes, recipes change based on how you like your dishes flavored, but that’s entirely up to you!
“I offer three different menus to choose from when learning to cook in my kitchen – simple recipes with simple ingredients, that’s how cooking should be done.

“Dishes include dhal curry with paratha bread, chicken and beef satay, and wonton noodles, which is what I’ve cooked for you today.
“I teach classes on a one-to-one basis, or up to six people if you want to get the whole family involved.

“Not only will you learn to cook great tasting meals, you’ll also get to sample the food once you have learned how to cook it.
“Each session last around three hours, and I can easily change the menu to suit dietary requirements and allergies.

“I’ve already had rave reviews with families who’ve taken the time out of their busy lives to learn how to cook with me – just take a look at my Facebook page to see the many happy faces.
“If you would like how to learn to cook in a friendly and welcoming environment, don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Ann offers classes every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the month, give her a call on 07496 011093 to book an appointment. These classes are a perfect way to get the whole family involved in cooking, and enjoying freshly prepared food.

For more information about the classes she provides, visit