Butcher Mark Ashenden and his team recently scored a five-star rating on their scores on the doors. This is a true testament to the high standards that Mark and his team are renowned for as traditional butchers.

Mark Ashenden took over Palfrey’s Butchers in July of 2016, and for the past three years he has maintained a sterling standard for which the Palfrey’s name is known.

He recently changed his supplier to a local farm in Pontypool, where he hand picks the produce himself.

“Using Ty-Poeth Farm has been a great benefit to us,” said Mark.
“Not only are we using a fantastic local supplier, we’re also have only nine food miles to travel – making our produce incredibly fresh.
“Other benefits include quicker orders, if a customer wants something quick, we can turn it around in as little as three days, if not quicker.

“Easter is always a crazy time for lamb here, so if you’re thinking of having it for your roast on Easter Sunday, please get your orders in early, as we hate to turn customers away.

“As well as having a new supplier, I’ve also gained a new team member in the form of Carl McCarthy – who I had to chase for two years!
“His homemade sausages are simply amazing, where he’s won many gold awards for his outstanding work.

“Carl and I used to work for Palfreys many years ago, and we were the team behind many of the gold awards that you see on the walls today. “We’ve also got a new apprentice in the form of Josh Lewis, who is being trained in the traditional ways of butchery by Carl and I – it’s great to see a local lad take an interest in this age old tradition.”

As you’d expect nearly everything you see in this store has been prepared or made by Mark and his great team – the only exceptions are the cheeses, and the pastry for the pies and pasties.

As Mark prepares all the food himself, he knows what has gone into it. There are no additives or preservatives, only top quality produce.
Mark’s expert knowledge as a master butcher is second to none. He can easily recommend numerous ways to prepare and cooked a wide variety of dishes.

If you have any questions on how to cook a particular cut of meat, or would like any help with a recipe from a cook book, Mark is definitely the man to see.

Also if you’re planning a big Sunday roast for Mother’s day, Mark suggests that you put your orders in early to avoid disappointment – you can do this by simply giving him a call or by messaging on the Facebook page, Palfrey’s Butchers.

As well as offering a wide range of professionally cut meats, Palfrey’s also offers a great choice of preserves such as homemade jams, sauces, spices, marinades and herbs.

So, if you want the very best in quality at an affordable price, make your way to Palfrey’s Butchers at 36A Church Road, Newport NP19 7EL.

For more information about its services, and for telephone orders to be
collected call 01633 259385. Find out about the services they provide by visting www.palfreys.wales