Is your website looking old? Haven’t updated your online content in months, possibly years? Maybe you haven’t got time to constantly update your Facebook or Twitter pages? Then Xilix is the option for you!

Voice’s Business of the month is the brainchild of entrepreneur Callum Hiscott, who at the age of 18, is an impressive and savvy young business man. His life in the world of business began at the age of 11 as he volunteered to help out at Spytty Park with his favourite club Newport County – selling match-day programmes to a range of different people, giving Callum the people skills he now holds.

The branding and the name XiliX, pronounced X-ill-ics, was formed around the nickname of the club, the Exiles.

Fortunate enough to work with proven businessmen and skilful workers Callum gained some invaluable experience which he “only wishes to enhance and improve on in the future”.

As an opportunist Callum says he can “clearly see the power of social media and digital marketing” and having been brought up in an age of technology and exponential advances within the design and creativity sector he wants to ensure businesses and professional individuals alike know that looking great online as well as in person is very important and
can certainly drive more sales.

Having achieved his Hootsuite Certified Professional Qualification, held by just over 40,000 people worldwide, plus having been featured in the regional press for his #NewportAtNight Facebook and Twitter campaign, Callum now helps many local businesses with the digital side of their business, by redesigning websites, branding and looking after
social media.

“I’m not alone at XiliX,” said Callum “My business partner is Garth Davis, an owner of many businesses in many different sectors of the market.Garth operates one of the largest printing and packaging firms in Wales – Lexon Group, and having my business partner in the print sector allows me to offer his services to my clients – almost like a one stop shop. We’ll design, print and post!”

“Originally the business was to be named Xilia – I designed the business cards and asked Garth to print them for me.”

After speaking with Garth he told us he was “excited by the values Callum has to offer and having seen him work in the business world during his time in the hospitality sector I wanted to get involved – not only to invest and grow a successful business with him but to mentor Callum and guide him.”

The business soon changed name to XiliX due to the unavailability of the domain name. The duo soon decided on XiliX as it was “cool and symmetrical...if you can remember the‘Xil’ just reverse it and you have the name.”

XiliX offer the services of a CreativeMedia Agency including; Graphic Design,Website Build and Design, Website & Social Auditing, Social Media Management and DigitalMarketing Consultancy – the team design all of their services to be bespoke and fit their clients’ needs, time-scales and budgets and “so whether business owners are looking for a bespoke campaign, a new informative website, or if you’re looking to rebrand your company, we can help.” Said Callum.

“We thrive on the success of both our business and our clients – who wouldn’t? To do this we ensure we get to know your business before working with you. Throughout hours of careful research and a face to face meeting with you we begin to grasp the concept of your business but also the stories and personalities behind it. “See, DigitalMarketing is no longer all about the products you sell, but the stories you tell.We know every business has a story to tell – it’s about uncovering it and telling your current and prospective customers “Our primary aim is to help you grow your business and ultimately make you more money while keeping the personality you love. “We’ve already helped out a few local businesses, and their response has been fantastic. But, don’t just take our word for it, go find out for yourself!

Clients include Kevin Ward Media, Beds Direct, Caerleon and The Golden Lion in Magor who through our contacts we have managed to gain coverage on the Wales Online for Award they have won.”

So, if you’d like to make the most of your already established business by having a stronger identity and presence online, give Callum a call on 07495 755227. For more information visit

You can also find XiliX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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