Newport Autopaint is the brainchild of entrepreneur Martyn Pugh, whose passion for cars is second to none.

Martyn started the business in 2004 with a colleague, originally buying, selling and repairing cars. As the business grew, they started to expand the team, employing painters and mechanics who specialise in repairs and custom work, such as fitting body kits and personalised paint jobs.

Two years ago, Martyn spent £37,000 making a custom VW Caddy GTI, called the Caddy Daddy and was featured in the June Edition of Performance VW.

The car went on to win numerous awards, taking the Newport Autopaint name to new heights, gaining customers from all over the UK.

As well as customisation, the main thing Martyn and his team are well known for are their car repairs, as they can easily see 20-30 cars pass
through their garage a week.

Repairs range from tiny dings and scratches to heavy collisions and wrecks. “I don’t think there’s a car we can’t fix,” said Martyn.

“And if we can’t, at least we would have tried our damned well hardest.
“I’m fortunate to be surround by a great team, all of whom have a passion and love for what they do – all the boys take immense pride in their work.

“Excuse the pun, but we are well equipped at our garage and have the latest equipment and tools to help make our jobs easier, such as our
aluminium and steel miracle pull system, which works wonders with any kind of dents to a vehicle.

“If you’ve kerbed or scratched your precious alloy wheels we can easily sort that too, and we never powder coat alloys too, as it’s not good for
the safety of the driver.

“We always go the extra mile, and our quality of finish is second to none – seeing the amazed reaction on people’s faces once we’ve finished our repairs never gets old.

“I think the main reason why people use us, especially women, is that we give an honest quote and time frame of how much and how long a job will take. The amount of times that customers have been quoted nearly double the cost for the same job at another garage never ceases to amaze me.

“As we do a lot of insurance work we have great links with many local garages such as Range Rover, Gwent VW, Audi,MS Sport Vans, Torfaen
Car Sales and BritanniaMotor Company, who entrust us solely for their repairs.

“We offer 24-hour recovery and same day courtesy car (within working hours), there’s not a lot of companies who can offer that!”

So, if your car is in need of repair or you are looking for a specialist who is no stranger to working on high-end performance cars, pop into Newport Autopaint Accident and Repair centre and see what Martyn and his team can do for you.

253 Corporation Road,
Newport NP19 OEA
01633 547400