Nicola Taylor of Eclipse helps people make positive and significant changes to their lives with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

As the therapy is solution focused, the emphasis is on the present and future and on what you want to achieve.

A combination of skilled questioning and hypnotherapy encourages focus on the positive aspects of a person’s life and promotes a deep state of relaxation.

This state of “trance” is like daydreaming or being in a state of “flow” where you are completely absorbed, but still aware of the surroundings and of everything that is going on. It is a very calming, relaxing and re-energising experience.

Here are just some of the conditions that can benefit from solution focused hypnotherapy; anxiety, depressive symptoms, exam stress, grief and loss, low self-esteem, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, sleep disruption, smoking cessation, weight loss and sports performance.

“I got interested in therapy in 2002,” said Nicola.

“As a psychology teacher, I also had background knowledge of psychological approaches to therapy and an understanding of a range of psychological disorders.

“When I would teach a class of children, aged between 16-18, about such things as OCD or anxiety, they would approach me after class and tell me that they could relate to the symptoms of the disorders.

“I would be the first person they opened up to, so it was in the best interests of my students that I learn more about therapy.

“Over the years my interest developed into a passion and on completing my Level 4 qualification as a Therapeutic Counsellor in 2015 I started to explore solution focused techniques and mindfulness.

“I still teach Psychology but as the demand grew from the referrals of family members and friends, I opened Eclipse at Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre in April of this year.

“I chose the symbol of an eclipse to represent my therapy as the transitions I see in my clients are like movements from darkness into light – like a veil has been lifted and the way forward becomes clear.

“All sessions (with the exception of smoking cessation) begin with a free 30-minute initial consultation during which the nature of the problem is explored and understood.

“A complementary CD orMP3 will be made available to practice relaxing in comfort at home, so clients are better prepared for their time with me.
“Further sessions last for up to an hour and consist of a combination of solution focused problem-solving techniques and hypnosis, bringing together both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind to generate lasting change.

“The number of sessions required will vary depending upon the nature of your problem but the key aim is to promote rapid change.

“Most issues, such as generalised anxiety and depression, may take eight-12 sessions (sometimes more), while simple phobia (dogs, flying, spiders etc.) can be helped in just four sessions. Smoking cessation is a one-off session lasting up to two hours.

“The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing the genuine positive change in people – they have bettered themselves by improving their confidence and self-belief. Nicola is available Tuesday and Saturday, with weekday evening appointments available on request (closedMonday and Sunday).

Call to book an appointment and make that change in your life that you’ve always wanted to.

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