Established in November 2012, Tribune traded from Station Road, Caerleon until July 2016, when it relocated to its current location on the High Street.

The move came due to the team expanding and to accommodate space for laser tattoo removal.

The tattooing team now consists of Liz Buckland-Walton, Matt Abraham and Natalie Cole, as well as laser technician Lee Peterson, with recent addition of Lala Inky earlier this year as another full-time tattoo artist.

Also on the Tribune roster is Dewi Gregory, the studio’s assistant, and apprentice Craig Winney, who is undertaking half price tattoos at present to build his portfolio and experience The Tribune team are often commended for their friendly, welcoming environment and focus on customer care, not to mention their high-quality and standard of work

“We have built up great relationships with both local customers and those from further afield, Caerleon is a great place to visit,” Liz told Voice.

“While each artist has a distinct style that they like to tattoo, we consider ourselves versatile and able to turn our hands to most styles of tattooing.

“We welcome consultations before booking especially when booking in for large scale work, and we encourage people to come in for a chat in person wherever possible.

“Pre-drawn, individually priced designs are available from each artist, but waiting times vary from artist to artist, and as you’d expect Saturdays book up very quickly. “We’re really excited to be able to offer laser removal. Cover-ups are part and parcel of our job and having the laser removal service will enable customers to achieve a more desirable result than a heavy black cover up.

“The hourly rate is £70, with £250 for a half day (four hours) and at £350 for a full day (six-eight hours).

“For all enquiries either pop into the studio, give us a call or send us a message on social media – we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and vision.”

Lee Peterson, a qualified laser technician since 2013, was previously based in Cardiff but is now based at Tribune full-time. “Our laser produces a very high power in quick pulses,” said Lee.

“The light energy produced tends to pass through normally pigmented skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer and shattered into tiny particles which are evacuated from the body through normal immune response.

“As the ink par-tides are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

We Are Voice:

Before: After six sessions on heavy black tattoo work. After: The resulting cover up, by having these laser removal sessions, we could give our customer the soft delicate pink roses they were looking for from the start.

“Modern lasers can give fantastic results but there are no guarantees.
Sometimes the total elimination of the tattoo is not possible despite the use of the most advanced tattoo removal equipment.

“Tattoos that are carried out by professionals are usually more difficult to remove as they contain more pigment colours and there is usually much more detail in the design.

“Often with a professional tattoo, the pigment colours are applied more deeply into the skin, and because of this may take more treatment sessions.

“This is not to say that amateur tattoos are not applied as deep as professional ones, sometimes amateur tattooists create pocket of inks that are too deep and extremely difficult to eradicate completely

“We always insist that a patch test is carried out on your tattoo before any course of treatment can begin so any rare potential complications can be predicted – the patch test also gives us a good indication of how many sessions will be needed to get a satisfactory result, and its usual for the tattoo to lighten further in between/after each treatment session. A quote will be given during your consultation whilst booking in.

Traditionally people have been put off by laser removal, thinking it expensive and painful. Our prices are very competitive and while there is obviously a level of discomfort involved, the entire process is over and done with in a matter of minutes, obviously depending on the scale and nature of the tattoo in question.

“Prices start from £30 up to £100 per session depending on the size and type of tattoo and colours used.”

8 High St, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AG
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