Refined over 400 years in the heart of theWye Valley, the Monmouth Model educates girls and boys aged three to 18 through a unique combination of single-sex and co-educational environments at the optimum stages of their academic and personal development.

Parents seek the best all-round education for their children; they want to feel confident their sons and daughters are developing to the full their academic talent, self-confidence, and social awareness. Pupils thrive, enjoying a wide range of academic subjects and impressive sports, cultural and arts facilities.

They grow into well rounded, refreshingly grounded but also unbounded young men and women. Laying the foundations with our vibrant co-ed pre-prep and nursery, from age seven to 16 our pupils’ learning is then focused within a single-sex setting.

We believe that, at this stage, boys and girls are inspired and motivated in specific ways; at Monmouth the distracting pressures of adolescence are absent from their academic lives, while they retain the valuable benefits of joint social and co-curricular activities.

Monmouth Schools Sixth Form brings students together again at this final stage of their educational journey with us.

We warmly invite all prospective pupils to our open day to experience first-hand some of the subjects and extra-curricular activities on offer.

Entrance to the schools is selective from seven, but we take great care to assess children on a wide range of abilities and to look for potential.

Our admissions secretaries are happy to guide each family through the procedure. For more information on our open day on January 13 or on our 11+ entry assessment on February 3, please don’t hesitate to call or visit our website.

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