Jonki Silfwrax of Luna Ink Tattoo Studio has skyrocketed into skin-art superstardom with her wonderfully cute and geeky designs with a great love for her work.

Within a very short time, Luna Ink Tattoo Studio on Charles Street, Newport, has built up a reputation as the place to go if you want to get tattoo of your favourite cartoon or comic book character.

Owner Jonki Silfwrax is a self-proclaimed geek who loves all things Disney, and with a dash of Harry Potter and Sailor Moon thrown in too, she has a passion for turning people’s favourite childhood heroes into works of art for the body.

“I’ve always loved fantasy and fairy tales, drawing too,” explains Jonki.

“With tattooing, I get to combine the two things I love most.”

Originally from Sweden, Jonki has lived and worked in numerous towns and cities across the globe, including as far away as the Caribbean, travelling back and forth between countries to work at her tattoo studio in her home town, before settling in Newport two years ago.

“In all the places that I’ve lived, Newport feels like home, but, there had to be a condition on moving here – there had to be a Burger King and a Primark in the city centre!

“I finally closed the doors to my studio in Sweden, and opened Luna Ink within Newport City Centre in March of 2017.

“I’ve been tattooing for around four years, but I’m a firm believer in ‘if people love your work, it doesn’t matter to them how long you’ve been doing it’ – whether it’s four months or 40 years.

“Milosch, a famous tattooist from Prague told me, ‘Tattooing is 20 per cent talent and 80 per cent hard work’, and that motto has stuck with me ever since.

“I love all aspects of tattooing, but I especially love doing tattoos that feature bright colours and fun geeky stuff.

“I work extremely hard on every tattoo, and my colour-dot style Disney Princesses and Villains have become increasingly popular, with people contacting me from all over the UK about this particular style.

“As with any tattooist, my aim is to give the client what they want, whether they choose from cute flash images, or if they want a completely original design made from scratch.

“The process starts with a single idea, talking to clients about their interests and inspiration for getting a tattoo, also about the size and position of where the tattoo will be situated.

“After the initial consultation, clients can bring in pictures to the studio or send them via email to give me a better idea of how they want their tattoo to look, or they can decide to give me free reign and design something completely unique for them.

“Clients have commented on how clean my studio is, and I have a no-shoe policy in my tattooing room – I like to treat it as close to a clinic as I possibly can.

“If I’m not tattooing I’ll have a pencil in my hand, whether I’m working on paper or using my tablet to draw, I’m constantly creating original and unique pieces as well as drawing my favourite characters, creating new designs – all of which I post on my Facebook and Instagram pages for people to see.

“In my free time I also love tattooing to tattoo conventions, as well as cosplaying at comic conventions – meeting like-minded people from all walks of life who have similar interests is a great experience.”

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio celebrates its first-year anniversary this March, and owner Jonki Silfwerax has a geeky fun-filled day planned for Saturday 24.

Starting from 11am sharp, all ages are welcome to come along (usually over 18s only for entry to the tattoo studio) as there will be great opportunities for children to meet and take photos with popular characters as Rapunzel, Flynn, Merida and Ariel. There will be great offers available throughout the day too, with the first 15 people to book a tattoo with a £20 deposit receiving a £5 discount, as well as great voucher deals – such as pay £80 for two hours and get 15 minutes extra free, and, pay £120 for three hours and get 30 minutes extra free.


Win one of a Disney love tattoos in FULL colour – a choice of Stitch & Angle, Simba & Nala, or Lady & The Tramp.

18 plus ONLY. Pop by the tattoo studio to pay £2 for a raffle ticket with unique number, and then like Luna Ink on Facebook and Instagram.

You may enter as many times as you like. You can win for yourself or for another person.

The winner will be drawn and announced on Wednesday, February 14. Tattoo must be done by March 31. Valentine Flashes only – Get 2 pay for 1 (per person).

For the month of February only.

All flash images are available in lines, colour, and black and grey. Gift vouchers available for February and March only.

Pay £80 for 2hrs get 15 minutes extra for free. Pay £120 for 3hrs get 30 minutes extra for free.