Officially launched in December 2012, Richard Andrews Architects is a design-led RIBA Chartered Architectural practice providing services to commercial and domestic clients across the UK from their offices in Newport, Wales.

Director Richard Andrews explains: “We work on a wide variety of schemes, including education, residential, extra care, office, leisure and retail – delivering a full architectural service for efficient, creative, sustainable buildings.

“We’ve recently celebrated our fifth year in business, and it’s been an incredible journey where we’ve been instructed on some brilliant schemes ranging from a prestigious events centre in Guildford and to the more local Barry Community Water Activity centre.

“The next five years will certainly see us working more with international partners, something we are excited about – watch this space!

“Using Richard Andrews Architects can make a real difference to your project. Whether it is a new school, an office refurbishment, a sustainable house or a small extension, you can be confident that the whole design process will run efficiently and smoothly and deliver great results.

“The purpose of our professional service, is to deliver efficient creative buildings, while helping people overcome planning constraints and introducing new sustainable, energy saving designs.

“When it comes to a building project, all we want is to make our budget stretch as far as possible. If a client has already got a builder in mind to complete the work, it may seem tempting to skip the step of hiring an architect completely but using an architect will save money and minimise the risk to their build!

“A good architect (and we do recommend using a RIBA Chartered Practice) will start by working with clients to fine tune their ideas. Up to date with building regulations, common trends and abiding by a statutory plan of work they will quickly be able to let them know if their proposal is feasible and will put them in the best position regarding submitting planning applications. The architect will manage the design and build process, which includes liaising with building regulation officers and the planning department. Taking control in this way not only ensures the build runs as smooth as possible but also helps to avoid costly (and timely) disputes.

“We can assist in the selection of a contractor – making sure they are adequately insured and competent. Most architects will already have a good network of reliable contractors to recommend. An architect will make thorough checks to protect the standard of workmanship, ensuring that the materials and quality of work provided is at a standard reflected in the original tender and would be approved by building regulations.

“We make sure that every appointed contractor has the appropriate levels of insurance in place prior to starting work. Additionally, we ourselves also have insurance in place, for example clients would be covered if in the rare instance a building material was mis-specified. This brings a wonderful peace of mind for clients.

“Architects also make sure that there is insurance to cover an unexpected need for replacement contractors. This is a highly unusual event but would mean the client would not be out of pocket.

“A common concern among our clients is that the building costs will spiral from the original quote. A massive benefit of working with an architect is that we act as contract administrators and stipulate to our contractors that any additional costs/changes must be sent to us in writing for us to inspect, advise upon and confirm with our clients. Builders cannot add on costs to items that have been specified and agreed upon in the original tender.

“It is important to remember that architects do not gain any financial rewards or other benefits for completed buildings and can be trusted to remain an impartial ally throughout the build process. When you’re spending tens of thousands of pounds, if not more, why risk not using an architect?”

If you’d like to find out more about Richard Andrews Architects, visit the website or contact the team by telephone or email to arrange a free one-hour consultation.

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