Rubin Lewis O’Brien Solicitors are a well established independent law firm, who have been serving the people of Cwmbran and South West Wales for more than 50 years.

Located within Gwent House at the centre of Cwmbran Shopping Centre, they are easily accessible – not only for travelling to, but with their friendly and welcoming approach from its professional and helpful team.

They have years of experience in dealing with traditional practice areas such as residential conveyancing, family law, wills, trusts and probate, crime, commercial conveyancing, as well as commercial and civil litigation, including personal injury, employment law and child protection.

Disputes can concern anything from unpaid bills or unfulfilled contract terms to problems between landlords and tenants, construction related claims, the liabilities of insurers, divorce,disputes between cohabitants,  inheritance disputes between family members, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and all matters relating to children... the list is endless.

This expert team knows how daunting it can be when choosing a solicitor, however big or little your problem may be, which is why they offer clear, concise and above all practical advice.

“We are fiercely proud of our four commitments to client care,” says Sam George, managing partner and commercial property department solicitor at Rubin Lewis O’Brien.

“Firstly, we give impartial advice within our free initial consultation, where we find out how best we can help you.

“Secondly, there are no hidden costs – all fees are communicated upfront, and we would seek approval if any additional costs arise.

“Thirdly, something which we are renowned for, is our same-day response – we ensure you get a response the very same day that you make an enquiry.

“Finally, we aim to offer a direct lawyer of contact who specialises in the particular field of your grievance – you won’t get passed from pillar to post, chasing different people within the company.

“I know it sounds a bit of a cliché for a business owner to say something like this, but we genuinely do care and work incredibly hard for all our clients – they become part of the Rubin Lewis O’Brien family. Ultimately, we are here to help.”

So, if you’re facing one of the many problems mentioned above and need a local solicitor you can trust, why not give Rubin Lewis O’Brien a call?

They have generations of clients, all of whom are more than happy with the services they provide, but don’t just take our word for it, view the many testimonials online on their website. 

Rubin Lewis O’Brien LLP
Gwent House, Gwent Square, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 1PL

01633 867 000