Since Pure Vans started, every year has seen a healthy growth on the previous year and at the end of 2016, the company purchased a site, formerly known as Motor Crest Garage, on the junction of Telford St. and
Corporation Rd.

The previous proprietor, Bob Sweeney, a very well-known local figure in Newport, had occupied the site for 40 years and wanted to ensure it was
sold to someone looking to improve it and keep it as a base for a successful local business and was more than happy to sell to Pure Vans.

Managing director, David Greenhaf, said:
“About 18 months ago we discussed the way forward for the company and decided to look to purchase our own premises.

“Opportunity knocked sooner than we’d imagined when Bob, who had traded at the premises for more than 40 years decided to retire and offered me first refusal.

“This was too good a chance to miss, and the sale was agreed the same day.

“Then all the hard work began, and now, after several stressful months, and committing £250,000 to the purchase and renovation, we have moved in.

“I am extremely satisfied with the finished article and all the staff are very happy with their new working environment.

“We are now settled and can proceed with the next part of our development, offering our own contact hire terms and raising our presence in the local area. In addition, the site gives us the opportunity to retail the part exchanges we take in and so far, this has proved successful.”

David is born and bred in Newport and has been a Newport County fan since his early days. This year he was extremely proud to be asked to
sponsor the away stand at Rodney Parade and jumped at the chance.

David didn’t just look at this opportunity as a commercial enterprise but more putting something back into the community and helping the team he loves. Pure Vans already supply the kit van to the club. Recently, Pure Vans were asked to provide two vans for County in the Community – County in the Community was established September 2013 when Newport County AFC gained football league status.

In June 2015 County in the Community became registered as a recognised charity.

The charity uses the power of sport, education and training to engage with all members of the community living across South East Wales, regardless of age, ethnicity, physical ability or economic status.

Through their delivery programmes, the charity aims to change lives, inspire participation in sport and other forms of physical activity to improve the health and well-being of people and build greater community cohesion.

Pure Vans pride themselves on being, not only, able to sell vans at
extremely competitive prices, but also, to offer a service second to none.
In addition to moving premises, and, as well as the venture into leisure
conversions with Pure VWCampers, their sales offices in Rotherham and
Sheffield have had a considerable impact on van sales in the North.

They are also hoping to gain more recognition through their continued
investment in Newport County and the Newport community and look to supply more vans at a local level in the future.

Pure Vans Ltd
273a Corporation Road, Newport NP19 0FD

01633 212944