Cavity wall insulation has caused more problems than it solves, with many homeowners unaware that its installation can lead to distressing dampness throughout your home.

Mould & Damp: A homeowners worst nightmare

Over recent years, homeowners across the UK have been encouraged to adopt heat saving methods to improve energy consumption and thermal performance at home. Some changes include wrapping hot water cylinders, double glazing, and cavity wall insulation. In the right conditions, these energy saving techniques have proven useful. Sadly, not all these methods are ironclad solutions.

Cavity wall insulation, in particular, has been a nightmare for some homeowners. Especially those living in Wales or across the western borders.

What is cavity wall insulation?

Most homes built in the last century have what’s known as cavity walls: two layers of wall with a small gap between them. When rain is beating down on your property, the outer wall absorbs the moisture while the inner layer remains bone dry; helping you avoid internal damage. The reality is, this cavity also lets almost 35% of heat escape from your home. This can leave you finding it impossible to keep your home as warm. That’s where cavity wall insulation comes in. In optimal conditions, you can plug this gap and enjoy a toasty warm house.

Why are some homeowners facing problems?

Filling the cavity for some homeowners has been both a gift and a curse. While it stops heat leaving, you’ve now bridged the gap between the walls. A disaster for properties susceptible to wind-driven rain. The end results? Damp. Lots of it.

It’s almost impossible to spot whether cavity wall insulation has been installed correctly. Not enough insulation can cause draughty areas and cold spots around the house; the perfect conditions for condensation and mould. The easiest way to notice a problem is the appearance of dampness.

Thousands of homeowners unnecessarily suffering in misery

Thousands of homeowners are living in misery from houses covered in damp unaware their insulation is the culprit. If this is you, you may be entitled to compensation to resolve all these problems. Don't suffer in silence.

If you have had a cavity wall insulation in the last ten years and your house has damp, dry rot, or mould, why not find out if you are entitled to financial justice to repair your home? Your family's health shouldn’t have to suffer on account of poor tradesmanship. Head to today and fill in our simple claim form. Let us handle the rest.

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