How to Sell Your Home Faster The Newport property market is booming, with some news headlines claiming that Newport is currently the fastest growing property market in Britain!

With the Severn Bridge Tolls to be scrapped before December 31it has come as no surprise that Newport properties are in high demand due to its favourable location.

With more and more properties springing up for sale as house prices begin to increase, it is important you give your property the best chance of getting sold.

Sell your property faster by:

Clearing clutter – People want to try and visualise what the home would look like with their belongings in it, but this can be difficult to do when they can’t see beyond the overflowing bookcases, mountains of kids toys and so on.

Buyers tend to love space, so getting rid of excess or bulky furniture can also help. Painting – Neutral colours are the best option when it comes
to selling your home. Not only do they help viewers imagine how they would adapt each room to their own needs, it also makes the room appear larger and lighter.

People like to buy houses that are ready to move into. No-one wants to put re-painting lime green walls at the top of their agenda when buying a new property. A lick of paint on the front door will also help spruce the place up, as well as giving off a great first impression.

Making it light and airy – Clean your windows inside and out and ensure your curtains are open when viewings are taking place to allow as much natural light in as possible. Turning on lights in dark corners and adding mirrors can also create the perception of a bigger space.

Expelling any unwanted smells – Unpleasant smells are a huge turn off for prospective buyers. Make sure there are no unpleasant odours emanating from drains, laundry baskets, furniture and unwashed crockery.

Cigarette smoke is also a big no, so try to eliminate the smell of smoke before viewings take place.

Choosing a proactive estate agent – Bluestone will give you tailored advice at your free property valuation. If you give us the go-ahead your property will be marketed across numerous property portals in addition to our own marketing portals, increasing the exposure your property receives.

Our experienced sales negotiators are on hand to show those prospective buyers around your property, managing the sales progression right through until completion.

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