Have you visited the new all-you-can-eat churrascaria restaurant yet? If you have you’ll already know how good it is and if you haven’t then you are missing out.

Taurus is located behind the multi-awardwinning Rock and Fountain in Penhow, and is run by Gareth and Heather Lee, of Gareth Lee Restaurants Ltd.

Having only been open a month, it’s been a huge success, and it’s been an ambition of Gareth’s to open this particular style of eatery, which is something quite unique to South East Wales.

If you didn’t already know, churrascaria is a unique cooking style that originates from South America, where meat is cooked on skewers Brazilian barbecue style.

Experienced staff members wielding skewers of meat from all manner of beasts, bring the offerings to your table where they are expertly cut for you to put on your plate.

There is no menu at Taurus. You are served a selection of meats and accompaniments to your table. You don’t have to have them all, unless you really want to!

There is a wide variety of meats available, ranging from a fine selection of different seasoned and marinated chicken, to beef and pork. Each person has the option of rice, chips and salad, all of which are also gluten-free.

A new salad island takes centre stage within the restaurant, and you’re more than welcome to revist it as many times as you like when you dine.
If you have any room left after sampling all the meats on offer, why not finish your meal with a delicious dessert for only £4.95?

Whilst Gareth and Heather appreciate that some people have differing dietary requirements, Taurus is fundamentally a meat restaurant, so this venue may be unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

That’s not to say, that you aren't most welcome to as much free salad or meat free accompaniments as you wish, but there is no other alternative and no reduction in price.

Children are most welcome too and are priced accordingly for under 12s, but there is no alternative menu – chicken goujons are unfortunately not on the menu.

All you can eat churrascaria is priced at £10.95 for adults and £8.95 for under-12s during the lunchtime service, which includes a choice of five different meats and unlimited salad, served from noon until 3pm - Tuesday to Saturday.

In the evening, there’s a choice of ten different meats, which is priced at £21.95 for adults and £10.95 for under 12s. Please note that prices are a cover charge per person, regardless of ones’ appetite size, and meals cannot be shared.

Each table has an allocation time of two hours, so please bear this in mind when visiting the restaurant, as this allows other diners to enjoy this amazing feast by freeing up your table.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to try to satisfy your insatiable appetite, why not pay Taurus a visit?

Remember, all you have to do is come in, sit down and relax and enjoy all the food that’s brought to your table.

Taurus Churrascaria, Llanvaches Road,
Penhow, Newport, NP26 3AD.

01633 400297

Facebook: TaurusPenhow