For more than 100 years the Phillips family have been at Clearwell Farm in Michaelston.

12 years ago, the family planted their first Christmas trees in a section of their 200-acre farm. And every year since in the month of May, they plan ta fresh batch – there are about 7,000 Christmas trees currently growing on the farm.

Four years ago, when the first set of planted trees were tall enough (averaging a growth of 30cm a year), the Phillips opened their farm to the public to sell Christmas trees, where they supply beautiful homegrown trees to both residential and commercial properties, to be placed both inside and out of the premises.

They currently supply to Heath Hospital, Pernarth Council, as well as many shopping centres, town squares, hotels, pubs and clubs that need a showstopping Christmas Tree.

Since opening in 2014 the site has grown in popularity, as it’s only one of a few places in the UK where you can pick from thousands of trees and have it freshly cut down, then safely netted for you to transport home.

This has become so popular, that many families have made it a family tradition year after year, with some using it as an opportunity to take a family photo to turn into their annual Christmas card. Most trees sold within the UK come from Denmark or Norway, where you have no idea how long ago they were cut or when the had their last drink of water.

So, the benefits of this is that a Clearwell Christmas tree will not only last longer, smell fresher and look better, but will average around £15 cheaper compared to big chain stores as they are able to sell direct as they are homegrown in Wales.

Clearwell Christmas trees are priced at £5 per foot (depending on variety), so for example, a 7ft tree Clearwell Christmas trees would cost just £35. Tree sizes range from 4ft up to 18ft.

There’s plenty of free parking onsite, and the farm is open to the public from 10am until 4pm every Saturday and Sunday in the lead up to Christmas.

On Sunday, November 25 families are able to choose their tree for it to be collected on another day – this is due the farm being extra busy.

Buying a real tree is also better for the environment, as you would have to use a plastic made tree for 25 years for it to have the same carbon foot print of a real tree. Santa will also make an appearance in the first and second weekend of December – great for photo opportunities.

So, instead of picking up any old tree from a supermarket this year, why not make it a family tradition instead and find the perfect tree from the
thousands on offer at Clearwell farm? Remember to bring your wellies!

Michaelston, just off Pentrpoeth Road,
Cardiff CF3 6XT

07747 002467

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