Why choose to be treated privately?

Private hospitals are renowned for their high quality care, stress-free environment and superb hospitality. Staff at St Joseph’s Hospital are a fantastic group of people who, through their dedication and expertise, deliver a world class service to their patients.

Year after year, the NHS becomes more strained and under pressure to cope with the incredibly high demand to care for people, so unfortunately there are long waiting lists. This could range from anything from a few weeks to a few months, or possibly a few years, depending on circumstances.

This is one of the reasons why people choose to use St Joseph’s, as they are able to be seen quickly at a time that suits them – no waiting – plus, they have direct access to a specialist who is an expert in their field of medicine.

To get the very best treatment, you can choose an Elite Health Assessment, which is a personalised and extensive early detection examination - think of this as an MOT for your body.

We all service our cars to make sure that that they are road worthy, but how many of us neglect very simple aches and pains within our own body with the hope that they will go away? Prevention is always better than cure, and if a problem is accruing, it is better to have it seen to sooner rather than later.

Patients receive a full body check-up using some of the world’s most advanced diagnostic screening, imaging and testing, capturing a detailed picture of your health from the inside.

While not all health issues can be prevented, Elite Health Assessments provide piece of mind that, should an abnormality be present, its diagnostic capabilities will aid detection at the earliest possible stage.

St Joseph’s additionally offers Life Check, which is an annual health check designed to identify common issues, assess your fitness levels and identify positive lifestyle changes.

Cancer and coronary heart disease are the two most common causes of premature death. The use of state-of-the-art imaging techniques enables early detection, which allows a prompt corrective course of action to be put in place, which St Joseph’s will arrange seamlessly. This may be as simple as a lifestyle change or may involve a specialist treatment and care. We all service our cars to ensure issues are detected and fixed before they cause a breakdown, and Elite Health Assessments work to the same principle.

Your health should not and does not have to be a gamble. Elite Health Assessments are superior because there is no guesswork. Clinical experts obtain objective results and use some of the most advanced imaging technology available to quite literally see inside your body. This is the only way to accurately detect and diagnose health issues.

No single piece of diagnostic equipment can effectively image all of your body. That’s why Elite Health Assessments use a range of the world’s most advanced diagnostic scanners, including CT, MRI and ultrasound.

St Joseph’s offers health assessments on a menu basis, which gives you the ability to address particular concerns, including osteoporosis, prostate, heart, breast, chest and vascular or choose a top to toe examination of all the organs in your body in the finest detail.

Top to toe packages are available at four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. You can choose the assessment that’s right for you or consult with St Joseph’s Hospital. When it comes to treatment, all-inclusive prices include a pre and post procedure consultation with a highly experienced doctor.


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St. Joseph's Hospital - Harding Avenue, Malpas, Newport, NP20 6ZE

What makes St Joseph’s different to other private hospitals?

• The standard of care is exceptional, equal if not better than other hospitals.

• You will be seen quickly, often within 48 hours and treatment in as little as two weeks.

• Cutting-edge technology: www.stjosephshospital.co.uk/treatments/ specialities/advanced-diagnostics/

• Environment conducive to recovery: Every detail, from the warm welcome on arrival to the staff-to-patient ratio and wholesome homemade food.

• Free parking: It sounds like a minor thing, but it helps to take the stress out of a visit.

• The costs are more reasonable than you might expect. We can help you spread the cost through finance options.

St Joseph’s Hospital has been part of the community of Newport for nearly 75 years For the doctors, nurses and staff who work at St Joseph’s Hospital it’s a vocation. The level of specialist care offered ensures patients are in the very best hands. The attention to detail and to the patient’s needs starts well before they arrive for treatment or surgery at St Joseph’s. The entire process is seamless and as simple as possible. The team do all that they can to take away the stress of arranging treatment so that patients can simply concentrate on getting better. Acknowledged as a world class centre of excellence in healthcare, St Joseph’s Hospital offers over 350 treatments across 40 different specialities.

These include:

1. Advanced Diagnostics

2. Audiology

3. Breast Care

4. Cardiology

5. Clinical Neurophysiology

6. Corporate Wellness

7. Cosmetic Surgery

8. Counselling

9. Dermatology

10. Diabetes & Endocrinology

11. Ear Nose & Throat

12. Fibromyalgia

13. Foot & Ankle Clinic

14. Gastroenterology (incl. weight loss)

15. General Surgery

16. Gynaecology

17. Haematology

18. Hand & Wrist Clinic

19. Health Assessments

20. Hip Clinic

21. Knee Clinic

22. Neurology

23. Neurosurgery

24. Ophthalmology

25. Oral & Maxillofacial

26.Orthopaedic Surgery

27. Osteopathy

28. Pain Management

29. Physiotherapy

30. Podiatry

31. Psychology

32. Renal Medicine

33. Respiratory Medicine

34. Rheumatology

35. Shoulder and Elbow Clinic

36. Spinal Clinic

37. Stroke Clinic

38. Urology

39. Vascular Surgery

40. Women’s Health

It’s surprising what’s on your doorstep!