Welsh International Jessica Fishlock is currently being treated at St Joseph’s Hospital Centre for Clinical Physiotherapy, whose state-of-the-art facilities are probably some of the best in the country.

Jessica has been named Welsh Footballer of the Year numerous times, has won multiple championships and regular season titles with the teams she has played for including winning the Champions League in May of this year while on loan to Olympique Lyon, beating FC Barcelona in the final at Budapest.

More than a month after winning the title, Jessica sustained an injury while playing for her team in Seattle and required an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction and double meniscus repair on her left knee.

Below, Jessica talks about her rehabilitation after her knee surgery: “I had a major knee operation two months ago and I’m eight weeks post-op,” Jessica told Voice.

“I spent the first six weeks resting in America and then flew home to Wales for my brother’s wedding. While home with my family in Cardiff, my sister Kathryn, who is a highly-skilled physiotherapist, recommended St Joseph’s Hospital to help with my rehabilitation – stating that their facilities are second to none.

“With St Joseph’s Hospital being so close to home in Cardiff, it was the perfect choice. When I arrived in Wales, my knee was incredibly stiff and very hard to bend, so while I’m here the aim is to build strength in the hamstring, hip and quad of my left leg. By setting a target of getting a full 90-degree range of motion to my knee and to also get my strength back within my leg, I’m confident that I’ll be able to achieve that before I go back to America.

“I’ve worked with three of the St Joseph physiotherapists, but mostly with ACL specialist Jonny Harper, who is amazing. Working with the team here is great – they genuinely understand what I’m going through – offering support, advice, plus a wealth of knowledge to help with my recovery. I trust their expertise.

“I’ve had access to an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill that allows me to do weightbearing exercise without gravity this has been crucial in making sure that my walking pattern is right. This unique piece of equipment allows me to get the right stride pattern with my knee locking out correctly.

“The hydro pool and the anti-gravity machine have gone hand in hand helping with the speed of my recovery. I’m now eight weeks in to my rehabilitation and I’m confident that I’m on track to make a full recovery by my target date of next April.”

The hospital boasts a purpose-built and specialist-led physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre of excellence which is unrivalled in Wales and the South West of England.

St Joseph’s offers immediate access to physiotherapy providing effective treatment delivered by its dedicated team of physiotherapists. From rehabilitation after orthopaedic or spinal surgery through to recovering from a sports injury, each service area is led by an outstanding clinician at the forefront of their specialty.

Featuring a fully equipped 40 square metre heated hydrotherapy pool and the state of-the-art AlterG anti-gravity treadmill accessible to patients and the public in Wales, St Joseph’s offers a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training.

How to access specialist care at St Josephs Hospital:

If you have any health concerns you can simply self-refer to the relevant specialist unit or your preferred consultant. You can be seen as a private patient through your health insurance or by paying directly for your treatment.

The specialist team will tailor your treatment programme to your needs and goals using the latest medical equipment and technology. Appointments are available from 8am with evening appointments available to suit a busy life.

Why stand around waiting for hip and knee treatment?

St Joseph Hospital’s specialist knee and hip clinics have a single-minded focus: to put you on the fastest possible road to a full recovery – from diagnosis to surgery to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Their reputation for quality care has made St Joseph’s not just a Centre of Excellence for orthopaedic surgery, but also for advanced diagnostics and clinical physiotherapy. The multidisciplinary team design a treatment programme suited to your specific needs.

A programme led by renowned knee and hip consultants, and supported by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help you recover faster, sooner.

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