It’s the time of year that housands of birds congregate in twisting, swirling
flocks above their night-time roost sites. These congregations, or murmurations, perform such spectacular aerobatic displays that they could give the Red Arrows a run for their money!

The birds swoop, soar and swirl in unison, creating a kaleidoscope of everchanging shapes in the sky. Then, all of a sudden, they start cascading down into their reedbed roost like a waterfall.

Book early to make sure you don’t miss out on the RSPB Newport Wetlands Soup and Starling events in November. The events run every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during the month, and there is even a special Dawn Explosion event to see them wake up and emerge from their roost in a giant cloud.

The evening events start with a talk inside to set the scene about these highly sociable birds. Then choose a tasty cup of soup or hot drink to warm you up before setting off with a guide to see the starlings put on a dusk spectacle.

Newport Wetlands - West Nash Road, Newport, NP18 2BZ

01633 636363