Dean Mack is a Multi Award winning ELVIS Tribute Artist who recently performed his award-winning show at The Neon, Clarence Place.

Dean has been an Elvis tribute for 12 years, performing his shows all over the UK and Europe at some of the most prestigious venues in showbiz.

He also belted out a selection of Beatles songs at our V Awards show back in October, singing as Paul McCartney alongside his friend who played John Lennon as the duo act The Bea2les.

We caught him with him recently to ask what he loves most about being on stage. Here’s what he had to say:

What got you in impersonating?
I used to live in Porthcawl. The Elvis festival wasn’t as big as it is now, I attended a festival as an Elvis fan and after a few beers I got up to have a sing and, I sang Wonder of you and was encouraged to take it further. After practising for a couple of years and buying a lot of replica costumes and a PA System I started gigging and have never looked back. I got into Impersonating McCartney as I’m a huge Beatles fan and have always admired them. I'm a much bigger fan of Lennon but my good friend Paul Molloy (John in The Bea2les) Is a first class John Lennon.

What’s your personal favourite time period of Elvis or The Beatles?
My favourite Elvis era is 1969, He had returned to doing live shows in Vegas and his voice was the best it ever was at that time. I don't have a specific favourite era when it comes to the Beatles, I think they got better with every album they released.

What’s your favourite songs of theirs to sing?
My favourite Elvis song to perform is Bridge over troubled water and my favourite Beatles song is a tossup between Let it Be or All my loving.

You’ve won many awards for your Elvis Tribute, have you ever performed in the United States of America?
Yes I've won Best Gospel and 1968 comeback awards twice each, I’ve never been but plan to once I’ve retired from performing and the sideburns are gone for good.

What would your dream performance be?
I’ve already had my dream performance. I performed at the Blackpool winter gardens with Elvis' original Backing singers (The Sweet Inspirations) I also performed at Liberty Stadium in Swansea to 20,500 people. Obviously I’m looking forward to performing at the Neon on November 30th with a full band as it’s my home town.

Have you ever been to Graceland?
No but I do plan to one day.

Are you a regular to the Elvis convention in Porthcawl every September?
Yes and I have been since 2008, Next year will be the 10th anniversary of my Gospel Show at The Porthcawl Pavilion. I produce and host its and it's always the highlight of the weekend.

How much do you spend on costumes?
Far too much, They really aren’t cheap as everything is made to measure.

Can you really play bass guitar left-handed?
It may look that way but I'm naturally right handed, It is something I'm working on.

Which do prefer performing Elvis or McCartney?
I can’t pick one, I’ve been doing Elvis a lot longer so it’s more in my comfort zone, When I’m McCartney, I’m on stage with my good friend so we can have a bit of fun with it. I’d say Elvis for vocals and McCartney for the fun element.

Do you have anything planned for the festive season?
Just the usual. Non-stop corporate Christmas shows for the majority of December.

Are you performing anywhere over Christmas?
My last show is a few days before Christmas day and I always take January off to recuperate a bit

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