As my first time experiencing a film in 4DX, it totally exceeded my expectations – it’s certainly a fantastic new edition to Cineworld in Spytty.

From water jets to vibrating seats, the special effects ensure you feel every intense moment, it’s as if you’re a part of the movie. My favourite feature was definitely the wind blowing, as it felt like I was actually flying, all whilst sitting comfortably in my seat.

As well as the benefit of being located right on our doorstep in Newport, the new 4DX cinema is great for people of any age, even young children with films such as ‘Frozen 2’ being showcased at the moment.

As I Absolutely loved the first movie, Jumanji 2: The Next Level was the perfect choice to watch in 4DX, as the non-stop action and adventure kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, literally!

The film was fantastic, arguably better than the first.

It’s difficult to choose my favourite part as there was never a dull moment throughout, especially with the 4DX effects helping to heighten the movie experience.

My favourite part would have to be where the players ride off a cliff, without spoiling too much, as the wind effects and motion seats really made us feel like we were in the vehicle ourselves.

Jumanji 2 had a brilliant cast, but my favourite of all was Grandpa Eddie played by Danny Devito, as he steals every scene that he’s in – even the ones where he’s not!

Based on the cliff-hanger at the end, it’s very likely there will be a Jumanji 3. I think it’s absolutely worth a watch, not just for the great plot and actors. but also for the 4DX experience too!

I will surely be revisiting to experience more films in 4DX, you get to experience the movie in a whole different way - I can't wait to see The Rise of Skywalker!

I would highly recommend you visit the 4DX cinema at Cineworld Spytty – it’s a perfect trip out during the Christmas holidays.

Joe McGregor