Urban Circle Productions is a non-profit youth organisation and is one of the largest youth initiatives outside of council-led projects in South Wales. The organisation aims to promote and sustain constructive community relationships and individual capability for young people in Newport, across a variety of performing arts and creative media.

The team won a V Award last October, so Voice caught up with three of its members who have been involved with the project for the past two years, Ffion, Dan, Liam and Adam to talk about their recent win.

How did it feel to win The Rainbow Newport Diversity Award at the V Awards?

It was an honour to be invited to the awards and we are very grateful to have received an award. We are very proud of the work we do, and this recognition means a lot to us as an organisation.

What’s your favourite part of putting on an event?

My favourite part of putting on an event with Urban Circle is watching the event come to life, getting to see the performances of the up-and-coming artists is very exciting. These events are very important as they give young people a platform to perform their music whilst also giving them many opportunities to work with experienced artists and industry professionals.

Which has been your favourite show so far?

My favourite event so far was Summer Fest 2019. This event was majorly successful, in particular the family day. This event allowed young people from across Newport and other areas to come and perform their music to a large crowd, this gives many of our young people a stepping stone into the music industry and the confidence to pursue their music career. 

If you have the chance to do an event differently, what would you change?

With every event that we do there are obviously some things that we could improve, however, we feel we take this on board in order to make each event successful.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice or thing you’ve learnt since working with Urban Circle?

The most valuable piece of advice that I have learnt since becoming a part of Urban Circle is that no matter your background or your experience everybody is entitled to follow their goals and be given the opportunity to explore their passions.

What can the people of Newport look forward to in 2020 from Urban Circle?

We are excited to put on a Valentine’s event this coming February in Newport.

Are the dates confirmed for the event?

We have confirmed the date of our next event, which is the Valentines Shutdown, which is on Thursday, February 13.

Are you looking for new team members?

We are always looking for new young people to join our team and become a part of what we do. We are excited to keep expanding the Urban Circle team and to see what events we come up with next. We are regularly updating our Facebook page with new information about joining Urban Circle.

How can people get involved/help with your shows?

We are always encouraging new people to get involved with the organisation and we will be sure to keep them updated via the Urban Circle Facebook page as to when and what events they can get involved in. 


View the website for more info about up and coming events.