The Gate is the place to go if you love your steaks, as it probably offers the best selection of prime cuts of beef in South East Wales.

Landlord Gareth Lee is very passionate about the meat served, which is why he hand selects the beef he serves, with options being 28-day dry-aged in special cabinets that take centre stage within the restaurant.

Options of steaks from The Gate’s menu include rump, sirloin, T-bone, fillet, and ribeye to name but a few, all of which are cooked to perfection and to your liking on the grill. One of the many reasons why people travel from far and wide to The Gate, is because of its speciality steaks - there’s always a tempting selection to choose from.

If you fancy something other than steak, don’t worry as there’s plenty to choose from, both from the two courses for £11.95 lunchtime menu, as well as from the evening à la carte.

The menu changes frequently to give its very loyal regulars something new and different to try, which is another reason why people frequent this popular dining destination in Llanfrechfa.

As well as offering a great choice of food, ambience and setting plays a major part for its customers. The choice of décor, as well as the attention to detail with food service makes for a pleasant dining experience – plus its extensive menus cater for all tastes and dietary requirements.

Another reason why eating here is so popular is due to the bar and lounge, as you can take your time here and enjoy a refreshing drink before being seated in the restaurant.

As with their other venues, landlords Gareth and Heather Lee don’t offer a price hike for annual special occasions, such as up-and-coming Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday – so you’ll always get the same great tasting food at a very affordable price right throughout the year.

Booking is advised during the weekends at peak times, especially for Sunday lunch, where you can also enjoy options from the à la carte menu Sunday evening unitl 9pm.

There are plenty of roast options to choose from, with a great choice of starters and mains individually priced, all of which come some served with a modern gastro twist. A roast at The Gate is a refreshing change to what you’d usually expect to find at any other restaurant on a Sunday too. 

So if you’re looking to sample something a little different, then make your way to The Gate this weekend.

Caerleon Road, Llanfrechfa, NP44 8DQ

01633 861822