Aimee and Stewart of Sticky Ink Studios are very aware of their carbon footprint and wherever possible try their best to be as eco-friendly as possible, such as using vegan ink when printing and biodegradable bags for packaging.

As the business has grown over the past seven years, the couple became more aware of their impact to the world and decided to do something about it. They were inspired by Bella + Canvas, an eco-friendly American clothing company that boasts almost zero waste during production.

Based in Los Angeles, Bella + Canvas uses solar power in its factories, has reduced it water usage, saving 24 million gallons of water a week due to strict water laws in the state of California, used skylights to light its factories naturally, offers free electric car-charging facilities to its employees, all waste is recycled and they use a digital ordering system so there is no paper waste.

“Making a choice to use alternatives is easy when you think about it,” Aimee told Voice.

“These options may cost slightly more than conventional items, but what’s a few pence here and there to save the planet?

“Many of the clothing companies we use offer a wide range of eco-friendly items such as using 100% organic cotton, being Peta approved vegan-friendly with their products, plus making items out of recycled poly bottles. Most people can’t tell the difference from clothing that’s been made out of recycling, and if we didn’t tell them I don’t think they’d ever guess that it was.

“We’re also using Printavo for orders, which is a totally paperless system with everything being done digitally.

“Little things, such as simply reusing cardboard boxes, switching to paper tape to wrap parcels and using biodegradable plastic packaging can make a huge difference. We also re-use excess ink, by putting all the leftovers in a huge barrel and mixing it with black to make one colour.

“Being eco-friendly didn’t happen overnight, but as soon as you start, you’ll learn more about your impact to the environment and ways that you can help. We’d love to be able to inspire other businesses to do the same, just as Bella + Canvas did for us. It’s our planet and we have a duty to look after it, not only for us, but for the future generations to come.”

Not only is this amazing independent business eco-friendly, it is highly renowned for its excellent customer service, with Aimee and Stewart’s success being built upon the many referrals from extremely happy customers.

Sticky Ink Studios is also the only company in Newport that offers a screenprinting service.

This unique reproduction technique gives fantastic results, including extremely vivid colours and is incredibly durable, which is why they are in such high demand from people and businesses from all over the UK – not only for their professional prints but also for their imaginative and custom-made designs too – making one of a kind pieces for special events, such as film releases at Cineworld.

The couple can cater for a number of things including workwear, hen and stag parties, sportswear, one-off gifts for special occasions, leavers hoodies for schools, anniversaries and events, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, and baby showers.

Pop into the showroom to see the full range available, as the couple can print on a catalogues worth of items.