With no news on when hairdressers might be reopening, it looks like we’re going to have to endure a good few more weeks before we can have our tresses tended to, but it’s not just hair cutting and colouring we’re longing for, it’s everything else that a visit to the salon entails.

Here are 13 reasons we’re desperately missing going to the hairdressers…

We Are Voice: Harrison Rabbit, NewportHarrison Rabbit, Newport

1. The alone time

When else can you indulge in such glorious, uninterrupted ‘me time’ than at the salon? You’ve got the excuse that you can’t be on the phone while you’re getting your hair washed or cut, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the pampering.

2. The magazines

You would never normally devour page after page of celebrity gossip and rumours that probably aren’t even true, but at the hairdressers, no one judges you for your taste in, ahem, literature, so you can leaf through those glossy magazines guilt-free.

3. The drinks and snacks

Every appointment starts with those wonderful words: ‘Can I get you something to drink?’ and you settle down with the aforementioned celeb-filled mags, a steaming mug or tea or coffee and, hopefully, an individually wrapped Biscoff biscuit.

If you’re lucky you might even get a glass of fizz or, as in some barbers, an ice cold beer.

We Are Voice: Hairplay, NewportHairplay, Newport

4. Having your hair washed

Usually you wouldn’t want to leave the house with a head full of greasy hair, but at the salon, you’re positively encouraged to arrive with dirty locks. There’s something so luxurious about having someone else shampoo and condition your hair.

5. The head massage

Is there anything more relaxing than a good head massage? You don’t know how they manage to manipulate your scalp in such a firm yet gentle way that it sends delightful shivers down your spine and makes your want to fall asleep at the same time. It’s heaven.

We Are Voice: Sam and Cliff from Rage, Newport Sam and Cliff from Rage, Newport

6. Catching up with your hairdresser

When you’ve been going to the same hairdresser for years, they become more like a friend – or sometimes a therapist. You can tell them anything about anyone, because every stylist worth their salt knows that what happens in the hair salon stays in the hair salon.

7. The people watching

It’s so much fun checking out other customers’ barnets pre- and post-cut, and silently judging whether their new ‘do is a hit or miss.

8. The eavesdropping

Whether it’s overhearing gossip from the 'Port or trying to work out which staff members are having a secret affair, eavesdropping in the hair salon always results in some juicy titbits.

We Are Voice: Hairplay, NewportHairplay, Newport

9. Getting a new haircut

From a quick trim and tidy-up to a total transformation, lopping off unwanted locks feels so refreshing.

10. Switching up your colour

Trading your brunette tresses for bright blonde, covering up greys or pushing the envelope with a high-fashion pink hue – letting a colourist work their magic makes you feel like a million dollars.

We Are Voice: Harrison Rabbit, NewportHarrison Rabbit, Newport

11. Getting expert advice 

As anyone who’s tried to cut or dye their own hair during lockdown can attest, it’s not as easy as it looks. A consultation with a qualified hairdresser can save you from all kinds of disasters.

12. Having a proper blow-dry

Try as you might, you’ll never be able to achieve a salon-worthy finish when it comes to drying your own hair. Only a pro can achieve that perfectly glossy, bouncy blow-dry, and it makes the visit worth every penny.

We Are Voice: Hairplay, NewportHairplay, Newport

There’s a reason the slogan ‘Like you just stepped out of a salon’ was such a sensation in the Eighties – when your locks are in tip-top condition, you really do feel like you can take on the world.