Here are 6 things we're already looking forward to the day after the V Awards... 

Here are just a few to get buzzed about…

We Are Voice:

1. Getting dressed up

After months of wearing the same two pairs of ratty sweatpants on rotation, we can’t wait to put on some awards-night clothes, slap on some make-up and foolishly regret leaving the house without a coat. We’re so excited, we’ll probably lay our outfit out the night before like it’s the first day of school.

2. Dancing in a crowd

Right now, we’d endure the lengthiest bar queue and coldest door wait for the chance to throw some shapes again in a crowd – no matter how rusty our moves may be. We’re seriously craving getting lost in a throng of sweaty people and potentially losing a shoe, and our dignity, in the process.

We Are Voice:

3. The novelty of queuing for a drink

We strangely long to elbow our way to the front of the bar to ask for a round of tequila shots we’ll later regret – and don’t get us started on the nostalgia we feel for the cloakroom queue either. All those things we originally hated about a night out seem pretty wonderful to us now.

We Are Voice:

4. People watching

Wecan’t wait to catch up with all the local legends, and to witness some of the ridiculously bad dancing that’s going to take place. It’s going to be absolutely glorious to watch.

5. Getting takeout on the way home

No V Awards is complete without a cheeky kebab or some greasy chips on the way home. It’s practically mandatory, as is starting a big sing-song with other revellers outside the chip shop.

We Are Voice:

6. The chats about the Vs the next day

Perhaps even better than the V Awards is the chat  the next day. We will all collectively cringe over dancefloor videos, cackle at the social media pics and celebrate how much our friends and clients are loved. 

We’re even looking forward to looking at our bank balance the next day and feeling a major swell of regret at the money we wasted. 

Watch this space for more news about the 2021 V Awards.