250ml double cream

250ml semi skimmed milk

65 grams of Caster sugar

3 large umbels of elderflower

2 leaves of bronze gelatine


(Will serve 6 guests)

Elderflower  Pannacotta

Place the cream, milk, elderflower  and sugar to the pan and heat gently to infuse the elderflower, for half an hour, remove from heat and leave to stand for a further half an hour, thus ensuring the maximum flavour.

Meanwhile soak the gelatine in cold water to soften.   Once soft drain from your water and after the vanilla has infused into your mixture add the gelatine and place on a low heat until dissolved.  Allow to cool slightly.

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve, and pour into molds or ramekins, refrigerate for 4 hours to set.


Poached Gooseberries

500 grams of Gooseberries

250 grams of Caster Sugar



The night before toss the gooseberries in the sugar and place in the fridge.


The next day remove the gooseberries from the fridge and place in a pan with the sugary syrup, heat gently until almost boiling.  Then taste and add more sugar or a squeeze of lemon juice to taste.  Leave to cool and reserve ready to serve with the Pannacotta



Elderflower Fritter


250mls cold water

225g Plain Flour

2 eggs

50mls white wine vinegar

Pinch of salt

50g caster sugar

6 large umbels of elderflower

Vanilla sugar to sprinkle


Mix the water and flour together, add the eggs, and mix until you have a smooth batter, then add the vinegar, salt and sugar.

Heat your oil to 170 0C, check your elderflowers are free of wildlife and nice and clean.

Coat each umbel in your batter and fry in the hot oil until crisp and golden.


Drain from the oil, remove any excess stalk, and sprinkle with vanilla sugar.


To Dress

Dip the Pannacotta in its mold into warm water, for a few seconds to release from the mold, turn out into the centre of your plate, and arrange your poached gooseberries around, Place the fritter alongside the Pannacotta.